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Goal Setting for the Future

Studies have been performed to see if drugs and alcohol stunt emotional maturity for those who suffer from substance abuse. Being stuck at the age when you first started drinking or using is a normal aspect to consider with your addiction - even if you have only been abusing drugs and alcohol for a short amount of time in your teenage years. You may feel discouraged with thinking that you have already screwed up so much in just in these last few years that you have no hope for a successful future. Chill out and stop thinking so negatively already! You can do anything that you set your mind to in recovery, especially if you have a plan of action that entails goal setting.

Decide what you want to do when you grow up

Probably as a child you had big dreams to become a ninja, a firefighter, or even the President of the United States, but deciding which path to take in your future needs to be well thought out and achievable. Look at the things you enjoy versus the qualities and skills you are equipped with to back up your goal. See how much school or training that you need to do and determine if you are mentally, physically, and financially capable of executing this goal.

Conceptualize your goal by writing it out.  

Jot down what your goal is along with a date of completion. You will have more of a shot of sticking to your goal by making it a reality on paper. List out the pros and cons of your goal so you can literally see them before your eyes to visualize if you can move on with your intention.

Talk to someone who will tell you the truth about your goal.

Saying what your plans are out loud to someone else does two things. First, the statement continues to make your goal a reality, and second, hearing and seeing someone's reaction to your goal will give you an honest indication if this is a feasible idea for you to pursue.

Get started so you can put your goal into action.

Find out what your first step towards this goal should be whether you apply for the job, turn in your school application, or inquire about training measures to begin your journey with your goal. Getting started is usually the hardest part. Feel free to take baby steps to keep from overwhelming yourself so that you can take the steps needed to fulfill your destiny. Keep working toward your goals and you will be amazed when you are halfway through. When you finally hit your goal, you will build more self-confidence that will also be instrumental in keeping your recovery intact.

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