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High Schoolers are Having Less Sex

In January 2018, the Centers for Disease Control released a report on the rates of sexual activity in high school students around the country. Twenty-nine states were included in the nationally representative survey. Overall, the survey found, the proportion of high school students nationwide who had ever had sexual intercourse decreased significantly during 2005-2015. The percentage of teens who self-reported on ever having had sex dropped by 5.6% from 2005 to 2015. Data analysis found that there were no major disparities across age or gender. Interestingly, Gizmodo points out, in 1995, more than half of teenagers self reported having had sexual intercourse. What has caused the drastic decline in teenage sexual activity? The authors of the report point out, according to Gizmodo , that teens in the United States are impacted by the technological developments of recent years. Teens and social media use is a popular subject in academic and research communities, constantly covered by the mainstream news. Research has revealed findings about technology addiction, depression, and other issues arising from technology use. However, the report suggests that the amount of attention American teens devote to their technology might be taking away from the attention they are giving romantic interests. Though high schoolers in more than half of American states are having less intercourse, the survey is not completely inclusive of all states and communities. Parents today may still feel hesitant to have the talk with teenagers. Teenagers today are learning more about sex and sexuality from digital sources and online sources than ever before. There are consequences. Teenagers are experiencing pornography addiction in addition to digital addictions. Just because numbers are down in some areas of the US doesn't mean it is important to educate your child on the consequences of sexual activity in their youth. Drug and alcohol experimentation, abuse, and addiction can lower sexual inhibitions and impulsivity.

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