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How Can I Help My Teen Find Their Purpose?

Being a teenager is a time for young people to find their way in the world and learn about what they want to do when they grow up. You as the parent can be instrumental in helping your teen find their purpose in life. Although they may still be too young to form their mission completely, you can help them to understand their values and strengths to better discern their goals and influence their aspirations.    

Help them to lay the groundwork

Ask them questions without being the irritating parent to see what steps should be taken to bring their purpose into fruition. Watch for that spark that peaks their interest and builds up their passion. If they are gifted in cooking, sign them up for some culinary classes to help them gain knowledge that will help them thrive in the dishes that they prepare. Teens who love to play video games could start studying to be a gaming programmer by choosing some AP classes that they could get credit for in college.

Showcase their uniqueness

Knowing their identity is one of the first steps of finding their purpose. Although being a teen can be a confusing time to understand their true potential, you can start getting them connected to what they were meant to do. The teenage years are a time for them to find their voice and figure out how their goals can get them to the next level to fulfill what their unique ambition entails.

Put the future into perspective for them

Many teens experiment with drugs and alcohol and may put aside their interests to participate in the normal teenage initiations. They may not understand what you are trying to drill into them but planting the seeds of what they do today could affect their tomorrow just might eventually sink in with your moral persuasion and kind compassion for once being a teenager yourself. While they will make mistakes along the way, you can be conducive in assisting them to make choices which could lead them straight to their purpose. The one thing to keep in check with directing your teen to find their purpose is to keep from placing your personal ideas and goals on them. Although you want to be a guiding force in their life, you must let them figure out their own personal intent for themselves for it to become their purpose.

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