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How Can I Involve My Teenage Boy in Pregnancy Prevention?

Teenage pregnancy has been a problem in the United States for decades including the 1970's, 1980's, and an all-time high in the 1990's that has steadily declined in all states over the last decade and a half. The decrease of teen pregnancies has been derived from either having less sex in their teenage years or being smarter with their contraception. With the better choices teens are making, shows they are learning from the past mistakes of others who have expressed how hard having a baby is especially when they are still considered a child themselves.   Most of the attention seems to go more to the female teens with the intention of having her to protect her body with sexual abstinence  to keep a baby from developing in the first place. Since making a baby in the traditional way takes two to tango, the recommendation should be to have the teenage boy well versed in pregnancy prevention as well. Many parents question how much information they should disclose to their teenagers especially where sex is concerned. Having a few guidelines can be most helpful when having the talk with your son.
  1. Be age appropriate with what you share because some topics may be too mature for certain male teenagers who may take notes on how to have sex instead of what to do to prevent teenage pregnancy.
  2. Know where you stand with your own sexual values and standards because teenagers can be rather good at finding loopholes in situations that they do not want to adhere to.
  3. Explain to your teen the difference between love and sex. Often teenagers act impulsively on their feelings of lust that they misconstrue for love.
  4. Update yourself with the latest information on practicing safe sex. Talk about contraceptives and how each one of them works to prevent pregnancy.
  5. Answer their questions because if they do not get feedback from you, they may get a response from a third party who is not in line with your core beliefs. When they quiz you on subjects that you are unable to qualify, tell them you will get back to them because you are unsure of what the right answer is right nowt. This would be the time to reach out to a counselor, a pastor, or someone you trust with to have an answer that will be conducive to your faith.
With teenage pregnancy prevention, your teen should receive relevant information, so they are able to make appropriate decisions when they get into a predicament regarding sex. You could make the difference in your teenager's judgement.

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