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How Flavors Are the Way to A Teen's Vape

Cigarettes are known for their distinctive smell and aroma that follows someone even after they have put their cigarette out in an ashtray. The unpleasant odor is one of the reasons that some teens may initially decide against trying cigarettes especially if they know they will get caught if their parents get a whiff of the recognizable scent on their clothes. For those teens who will not try cigarettes because of their flavor and the smell they find unappealing, the e-cigarette industry has found a niche for your teen. There are over 15,500 flavors of tobacco that adolescents are enticed to try. While you have been trying to figure out your kid's palette for more vegetables, so have the makers of e-cigarettes with the taste of their E-juice. Flavors have become more available to attract teens to their products. Not only do they taste and smell delicious, they have also created packaging that kids can relate the smell to such as bubble gum. The box that the E-juice is purchased in, for instance, can look identical to a Hubba Bubba pack of bubble gum. If you were to take a closer look, you would see that the units and information are completely different but gives your teen nonetheless the feeling of familiarity. Even though there are over 15,000 flavors teenagers can choose from, some flavors are misleading because the packaging is used to deceive someone to thinking they are tasting something new that is actually the same flavor of another name. Manufacturers use their marketing to play on the kids imagination to make more profit. Teenagers are curious and having tons of flavors to choose from gives them endless amount of options from ambiguous companies to make a money off your teen. 4 out 5 teens who have used tobacco started from using a e-cigarette that contained tobacco which was covered up through the taste and smell devised by the manufacturer. This misconception leads teens to believe that the tobacco is not dangerous because it tastes and smells good. E-cigarette companies are banking on your teen having an enjoyable experience with the abundance of their flavors. The intention is to get your teen hooked on nicotine and your intention should be to protect them from it.

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