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How Recovery is The Beginning of Your Best Days Ahead

The saying of no pain, no gain is usually directed toward exercise and workouts which develop the muscle that one is trying to gain. This saying can also relate to recovery because without feeling the emotional and physical pain that addiction causes, there is a high probability that there will not be a resolution to stop drinking or using. Without high enough consequences, a person probably will not want to stop on their own accord with the obsession to drink and use that they possess. Addiction is a brutal condition to manage day in and day out, but most people with substance abuse will go to any lengths to keep from experiencing withdrawals or deal with the agony they feel from being sober. The truth is those who continue to stay in their addiction are missing out on life. Those who get sober through recovery efforts are setting themselves up for the best days of their life.

Nothing is so bad that a drink or a drug will not make worse.

Addiction only prolongs the inevitable that most people end up in jails, institutions, or die because of the actions they take trying to stay under the influence. The misconception is that drugs and alcohol will make a person feel better although they really cause bigger problems. Getting sober means that a person has a better chance to make better decisions when they are free of mind-altering substances.

Life on life's terms is achievable.

People typically get inebriated to make their problems go away instead of having to face them head on. Someone in recovery is offered a way to work through the reasons why they felt they needed to use drugs or alcohol in the first place. Learning to work through these issues with a sober mind can help to open the door for positivity when dealing with people, places, and things.

Fun and sobriety do mix.

A person's addiction can trick them into thinking they are partying when what they are really doing is destroying their life the longer they abuse drugs and alcohol. Getting sober does not mean that fun will automatically take shape in someone's life. Once the fog is lifted and they get connected into a fellowship, there are all types of enjoyable sober activities to do for fun. Saying that sobriety is the beginning of a person's best days ahead may seem foreign to someone who has not ever made real strides in recovery. If they want a real chance at an ongoing productive existence, they should give recovery a shot, so they can see for themselves how wonderful the sober life can really be.

Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center provides a clinically structured protocol with withdrawal management that is designed to specifically accommodate the needs of teenagers. We first help to remove the toxic chemicals out of the body and then move onto the treatment of the whole person.

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