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How To Have Healthy Communication With Family

Having healthy communication is one of the key pillars for a full recovery from addiction for teens and adolescents. Through treatment, teens learn healthy communication skills which help them rebuild any relationships damaged during substance abuse. Almost every aspect of a happy, well-rounded sober life is affected by how well teens can talk through things or communicate with the people around them. Jobs, family, relationships, and academic life depend on communication. Good communication with friends and family can help comfortably alert them when during times of struggle with triggers or cravings.  With healthy communication, teens can work through the things that normally would have driven them to turn to substance use before. Family life can be difficult with a teenager, whether or not they have lived with addiction and are now in recovery. As a teen learns healthy communication, it is important for the family to learn healthy communication as well.

Here are some ways you can get on the path to healthy communication with your family:

  1. Learn to resolve issues the right way - Working through problems doesn't have to involve emotional guilt, blow up fights or storming out of the room. Make sure everyone understands the ground rules of what kinds of communication are or are not allowed. Once those rules get broken, everyone takes a break and resettles.
  2. Understand that rebuilding trust takes time - Part of healthy communication with anyone is trusting what they're saying, and for teens recovering from addiction, that is usually a sore point. Many family members find they have trouble trusting what their loved one is telling them, even if they're telling the truth. This distrust can spread like a virus throughout a family system. The more often a family consistently tells the truth, the easier it is to grow as a family.
  3. Be realistic - No matter what you're talking to family about, it's important to remember that honesty is the best policy all around. Encourage the family to be realistic about their experiences and feelings instead of hiding or trying to minimize or creating excess drama.

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