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How to Get Rid Of A Smartphone Addiction

Smartphones simplify our lives. They give people easy access to the Internet, social media apps, games, and texting just to name a few. Smartphones provide convenient ways to connect with family and friends. People use smartphones for work, getting directions, and sharing photos. There are many advantages to having a smartphone, but many people are becoming addicted to using them. Although smartphones digitally connect everyone, they disconnect us from the world. People are losing in-person human connections and real-life relationships due to excessive smartphone use. When a person constantly uses his or her smartphone, he or she might have an addiction to using it. A smartphone addiction interferes with important relationships and the way a person interacts with others. An addiction to a smartphone can lead to problems with productivity. The addiction affects a person's job and can result in negative consequences. Many people are not allowed to use any personal device at work. A person with a smartphone addiction will find ways to check social media updates despite restrictions. A person with a smartphone addiction will feel the urge to check social media updates because he or she feels like they are missing out. Uninstalling social media apps will help to reduce time spent on a smartphone. Notifications can be turned off in settings. Turning off notifications decreases the urge to respond immediately. Just like other addictions, a person with a smartphone addiction will feel discomfort when weaning his or herself from the smartphone. The person with a smartphone addiction can gradually taper off his or her use of a smartphone. Many people develop a smartphone addiction because they feel like they are missing out on something. Technology is contributing to a continuous partial attention, limiting an individual's ability to focus. Everyone is distracted all the time. Subtle psychological tricks lead to habits. The reward of how many likes a person gets on FaceBook creates a momentary pleasure that leads to the person's craving. Boredom, loneliness, and impulsiveness can instigate the urge to check social media to subdue negative feelings. Technological manipulation is harmful and contributes to a person's smartphone addiction. People need to be aware of how much time they spend on smartphones. A person with a smartphone addiction needs to set limits on how often he or she uses their smartphone. Cutting down on smartphone use can be very difficult, but with determination and encouragement, the individual can recover from a smartphone addiction.

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