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How to Make the Legalization of Marijuana a Teachable Moment for a Teenager

Reports about teen marijuana usually all state the same fact - just a little bit of marijuana can make a long-term effect on the growing teenage brain. In a country that is continuously legalizing cannabis in more states, this can be a concern for adolescents in their future. The need for marijuana awareness is at a crucial point due to the exponential production and sales of cannabis which is the cause and effect of legalization. The general conception to most teenagers is that marijuana is mellow and non-addicting because that is the information that has been spread for generations especially in comparison to how alcohol affects someone. While marijuana might not be addicting or cause problems for every teen who consumes it, every teen should be aware of the ramifications that could happen to them to deter them from abusing the drug in the first place.

Be warm

If you come to them with criticism and judgment, they may not hear what the message is. They just might get rebellious or contentious based on how they feel like they are being treated rather than understand the reality of how many teens get addicted or why their brains are taking a hit. Keep calm and open-minded so you can bridge the gap for them come to you with their questions and concerns.

Be educated

To start talking to a teen about something you think you know but do not have any statistics or accurate information to back up your statements, can give them a reason to dispute your claim. Take some time to learn what you can about adolescent marijuana use so you can be enlightened to pass on the information that will also educate your teen.

Be candid

You should be open to what your teenager wants to talk about regarding marijuana use. Answer their questions to the best of your ability and use all the resources you have to get the clarity they need to understand the damage that marijuana creates in the brain including the susceptibility to addiction. Whatever age appropriate wisdom you can sink into them will help them when they are presented with the choice to use marijuana or not. Having a teachable moment with your teen amidst the legalization of marijuana is important so they can understand your standpoint. Take the time to be the PSA you want them to hear or otherwise someone else could get in there instead.

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