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I Live with My Parents so How Do I Establish My Own Higher Power?

A suggestion of working the steps in a 12-Step Program is to connect to a Higher Power. When you are in meetings you may hear others share about finding a power greater than themselves to connect to. The main concern you are presented with is your parents have a religious affiliation that they expect you to adhere to. Since you are still a teenager and live under their roof, you are confused on how you will establish your own Higher Power that differs from your parents faith without offending them.

Principles before personalities

Part of the process of getting sober is learning how to take direction from the appropriate people which includes your parents. Learning how to conform to uncomfortable situations with emotional sobriety is important. If your parents want you to go to church while you continue to live with them and it becomes a point of contention for them after they supported you through recovery, then you should probably think about going. Treat the sermon like you would with someone's share in a meeting. Listen to the message and take what you can out of it to enhance your sobriety.

Do the right thing

Having to do things that you do not really want to do will probably continue for your lifetime. Getting sober may be on the top of that list, but so is having to follow your parent's rules while they are supporting you in their household. Part of growing up is obeying rules and regulations that help to keep orderly direction. This does not mean that you must change what you believe with your Higher Power necessarily. If you keep your relationship with your Higher Power personal to yourself, you can continue to be guided in the right direction in your recovery and do the right thing.

Talk to you parents

Obviously, you do not want to upset your parents with your beliefs. If they do not understand where you are coming from and why you have faith in your Higher Power to stay sober, they could think you are trying to continue to rebel. Tell them where you are coming from so they can have a chance to support you in one of the biggest challenges you have had to overcome in your life with maintaining sobriety. The process of getting sober gives you an opportunity to become the person you were meant to be. Honing an honest relationship with your Higher Power can give you the ability to begin to build other honest relationships in your recovery including the special one with your parents.

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