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In-Person Versus Online IOP

Having the flexibility to receive treatment around your own schedule can be a game-changer when seeking treatment for a substance use or mental health disorder. Providing safe, private, and secure programming that is also flexible and effective is what an intensive outpatient program (IOP) is all about. A virtual IOP for teens can be especially effective if you or a loved one are suffering from a co-occurring substance use disorder and mental health condition. At Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center, we do not have an intensive outpatient treatment program at this time. However, we are happy to provide information about what this treatment should entail. We can also offer insight into whether your teen needs our residential treatment center. Give the Stonewater team a call today at 662.373.2828 to inquire about our beautiful campus in Mississippi.

What Is an IOP?

An IOP is an intensive outpatient treatment program that helps treat substance abuse and mental health disorders. IOPs allow the individuals receiving treatment to go about their everyday lives while receiving treatment, as opposed to residential care, where they are in a treatment facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week. IOPs are also often used to transition those in residential programs back into their daily lives. Going home at the end of the day and sleeping in your own bed, interacting with family, cooking a meal, and more offers benefits for many people who shoulder many responsibilities at work and home.

In-Person IOP

Many people wonder what the difference between attending an IOP in person or virtually is. The biggest difference is where it happens - in the comfort of your own home versus coming to a treatment facility in person. As it suggests, an in-person IOP takes place within the walls of a dedicated treatment facility. An in-person IOP maintains several goals that guide the treatment process. These goals include:
  • Making your emotional, social, physical, and mental well-being your first priority
  • Putting a reliable support network of peers, professionals, and family members in place
  • Learning coping strategies to deal with triggers
  • Getting back to a healthy and productive life, free of drugs and alcohol
  • Preventing a relapse

Online IOP

With a virtual IOP, teens don't have to worry about attending treatment sessions in an office at a treatment facility. Instead, they work with the treatment team to craft a schedule of treatment that works around the other commitments they have in their life, like school and work. They can receive the same level of comprehensive and effective treatment as an in-person IOP from their laptop or desktop computer.

Contact Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center for Teen Treatment

Depression in teens is rampant, especially as a result of the recent pandemic. Unfortunately, this can lead to drug and alcohol misuse. Co-occurring substance use and mental disorders are best treated together, and at Stonewater, we specialize in treating dual diagnoses. We offer a dual diagnosis treatment program specifically designed for adolescent boys. Many therapeutic modalities are available to help teens and their families battle substance use and mental health disorders safely and effectively. These treatment options include:
  • Nature therapy
  • Pet therapy
  • Fly fishing therapy
  • Adventure therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
Struggling with a substance use disorder and possibly a mental health condition can be challenging. It affects the entire family unit. We understand because our family has been through this process as well. It led us to open Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center. We offer services not only for the teen struggling but also for the families through family therapy and other support services. We hope that the young men who come through our program are able to open up, explore their emotions, and recognize triggers to avoid going forward. Give our caring and professional treatment team a call today at 662.373.2828 to learn more.