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Is Fortnite Making Money Off Your Teen?

One of the most compelling games to come onto the market in a while is Fortnite. This phenomenon of zombies has been taking adolescents by storm since its release in July of 2017. While Fortnite is normally stated as a free battle royal game, the reality of this virtual game is that it could cost you some money the longer that your teen plays. Fortnite does offer a free standalone game on a few different platforms, but where they get your money is through their virtual currency called V-bucks which are sold in packages ranging from $9.99 to $99.99 in their in-game store. V-bucks can purchase costumes for their characters called skins. Emotes can also be bought which are the dances that the characters use to perform during their game. The longer a teen games, the more virtual embellishments they will be offered for purchase that will continue to enhance their character. These features cost anywhere from $2 to $20 depending on what is being upgraded. A typical skin can cost on average around $2,000 V-Bucks which converts to $20. You can also buy your teen the Battle Pass update for 950 V-bucks. By completing the various challenges the pass offers, the teenager will earn rewards that may also need to V-Bucks to complete the mission. V-bucks attract teenagers to the game and so do the intermittent rewards that the Battle Pass emits. The free pass does gives sporadic rewards, but not like the second tier that the Battle Pass unlocks for gamers where they are competing in different activities or finding hidden objects on a map to gain more cosmetic enhancements to their character. This type of challenge is similar to playing a slot machine and waiting for it to hit. The anticipation of winning is how habit-forming behaviors develop. As the money adds up, so do the hours that teenagers are spending with Fortnite. While they play endless hours on their devices, data has also shown that teens are watching others play Fortnite on YouTube and Amazon's Twitch network to improve their own game. In January, approximately 123 million hours were logged with gamers viewing other gamers play Fortnite on Twitch according to The game of Fortnite is ultimately addicting on many different levels that are still being revealed. Since the World Health Organization has deemed video gaming as an addiction in 2018, more research is being acknowledged to make sure that our teens can be better protected when being pulled into this virtual apocalypse.

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