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Is My Teen Using Marijuana?

With the legalization of marijuana also comes the concerned parents who want to know how to tell if their teen is under the influence of cannabis. Among teenagers, marijuana is one of the most used drugs because most teens do not even consider marijuana a drug at all. Marijuana is known as the drug that mellows people out and is difficult to gauge the effects once used. Especially now that cannabis is legal for recreational use, teenagers doubt the dangers more than ever. Not to mention, the accessibility and the affordability that teens have to marijuana today question the risks altogether. The best thing you can do as a parent is to know about adolescent marijuana abuse treatment programs  and how to handle the pressures.

Educate yourself on marijuana.

Whether you did or did not smoke weed when you were a teenager, you need to know what it looks like today because it is a completely different product. Not only does it come in the grass form of the bud, there are dabs of wax or shatter, edibles, oils, and hash. Look up pictures of all of the different forms of marijuana to help you to be knowable about what cannabis now looks like.

Educate yourself on the paraphernalia.  

Ashtrays, bongs, roach clips, rolling papers, lighters, and bags of weed are what the typical idea of what marijuana paraphernalia entails. With the progression of marijuana products there is much more to discover these days. Vaping pens, tinctures, pipes, pods that look like a USB stick, hearthstone bowls, aluminum cans with holes, and wrappers for edibles are all paraphernalia that can be found in your teen's drawers, trash can, or hidden around the room.

Educate yourself on the signs.

The first signs of marijuana use is red and bloodshot eyes, excessive hunger, paranoia, and being giddy or fatigued depending on how long ago the marijuana was consumed. Teens who regularly use marijuana will inevitably change overtime with continual use. Their attitude may change, and they will become less interested in their normal activities such as school, sports, and chores. You can also expect them to care less about their appearance than they used and become more lethargic.

Educate yourself on their friends.

Your teen will become who they surround themselves with and if your teen hangs around someone that uses pot, eventually they will too. Check out the personality of the friend and ask to get to know their friend's parents as an added measure of security.   Marijuana can also be a gateway drug to harder prescription drugs and illicit street drugs. Get your facts on marijuana now so you cannot be blindsided by teen marijuana use later.

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