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Is There an App which Parents Can Use to Limit Their Teen's Screen Time?

How much time your teen spends on their phone, iPad, computer, or playing video games could be a real concern for you. Instead of using their time for quality activities such as studying, exercising, or socializing with friends, they may have developed a habit of gaming and streaming that could take up more of their day than necessary. With the WHO recently dubbing video gaming an addiction, there is no doubt that anything that involves a teen using a screen for entertainment could create worry from their habitual use. Even most adults are found to compulsively pick up their phones to make sure that they do not miss out on a single email, text, call, or social media notification. Adults may view their phone, tablets, or computers more often to take care of their business obligations, but nonetheless their example can give screenagers the entitlement that they should too. The best defense to this growing problem is to have something that would let each user know how much time they are actually spending on their electronics and for what reason. Apple has announced that they will be helping parents out with a new tool that will be built into their iOS 12 software to help get an information addiction under control. This new feature can be used to manage Screen Time and reduce unnecessary interruptions that might keep anyone from being productive. The Screen Time feature allows for a person to examine for each minute they use their phone and why. Most phone providers will break down call minutes, texts, and data usage. This app provides how data usage is classified for every second the phone is in use for categories such as productivity, gaming, entertainment, and social networking. Once you have figured out what the phone has been used for, the times in use, and when you used it, you will have an opportunity to put on parental controls for when you permit your teen to use their phone. You can use the Downtime feature during the times that you want their phones off limits such as study times or when they should be sleeping instead of staying up all night with their devices. Notifications from apps will not be displayed during Downtime and a badge will appear to indicate that the app cannot be used. You may be wondering how you will implement your new parental controls and time will tell. Since you are the parent, this may be a good time to let your teen know they must abide by your rules or they will have to face some consequences. To provide a good example, you could also limit the time you have on your devices ongoing to enforce important quality family time.

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