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Is Your Teen Vaping Marijuana?

Teen vaping has become a well-known story parents have been following in the news for the last few years. As the e-cigarette industry has continued to evolve into a billion dollar a year business, so has the method and means that teens use. With all the different flavors being marketed to teens to peak their interest, the one flavor that has become more prominent amongst teenagers who are vaping is marijuana. There are a few different ways that teenagers are thought to progress to using marijuana in their vape. If they begin to use an e-cigarette with a youthful flavor such as creme brûlée that contains nicotine in the e-juice, they will eventually want to use something that is stronger. First, they will use e-cigarettes and move on to traditional cigarettes which could lead to vaping marijuana. Another possibility is to live in a state where marijuana has been legalized. With the aggressive marijuana marketing that has begun in these states, a vulnerable teen's curiosity could be peaked to try it. Deciding whether your teen is vaping marijuana can be hard to detect since vape does not have the longstanding odor that smoking a joint or a bong creates. Since a vapor dissipates rather quickly, a parent will have to rely on the physical effects from the consumption of marijuana which are not easy to distinguish. Bloodshot eyes, cottonmouth, the munchies, shifts in moods, and diminished motor skills are not always easy to determine from the range of one's view. The easiest way to determine if your teen is vaping marijuana or using marijuana in any capacity would be to randomly drug testing them with a test that can be purchased at a local pharmacy. A parent can also look for paraphernalia that they may find in their teen's drawers, under their bed, or in their backpack. Parents may find materials such as vaping devices that look like a USB flash drive, pods of THC e-juice, a dab pen, or a jar of containing dabs that can elude to marijuana vaping or newer methods of getting high. Parents who suspect their teen is using marijuana in any capacity should try to help their teen gain the awareness that they need to stop using it. Teens are susceptible to long-lasting and permanent risks to impede their developing brain. More importantly, 1 in 6 teenagers who use marijuana repeatedly are in jeopardy to becoming addicted to it since their brain is still not fully grown until around the age of 25. Talking to teens about the dangers they pose with the use of marijuana may not get them to stop, but your information about vape abuse treatment programs can possibly get them to think about what they are doing.

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