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Music's Influence on Teens

Many popular songwriters and musicians write lyrics with references to drug and alcohol use. Teens listen to music constantly and are easily influenced by their favorite artists. A teen who constantly listens to the songs that reference drug and alcohol use could eventually try the substances, which can then lead to substance abuse, mental health issues and physical health problems. He or she looks up to their famous idol and can take the lyrics of the song very literally. A teen's brain continues to grow and develop up to young adulthood. Teens often engage in risky behavior and act impulsively without concern for consequences. The drug and alcohol use mentioned in popular songs can inspire a teen to try drugs or alcohol, which can lead to substance abuse, anxiety or other high-risk behaviors. Drug and alcohol use in adolescents can cause brain damage, liver failure, overdose, or early death. The drugs and alcohol often worsen existing symptoms of depression and anxiety. When a teen abuses drugs and alcohol, he or she becomes disoriented and the brain loses control of its normal functions. Over time, a teen will develop a tolerance to the amount of drugs or alcohol he or she uses. The tolerance causes him or her to do more drugs or drink more alcohol, leading to the possibility of getting hurt, getting into legal trouble, overdose or even death. Teens who constantly listen to music with lyrics that mention drugs or alcohol are at high risk of substance abuse. Some popular artists normalize drug and alcohol abuse in their songs. One of the most influential parts of our culture is music, which can be uplifting and at the same time pave the way to sadness or poor decision-making. Music affects moods and behavioral habits. Teens even use music for their identity formation. The combination of lyrics and music is a powerful motivator that connects to a person's emotions. The glorification of drugs and alcohol in music lyrics influences a teen to use drugs or alcohol. Some popular artists have substance abuse problems, which can also influence a teen's behavior. Unfortunately, references to drug and alcohol use are commonly used in music today. If your teen is abusing drugs or alcohol, get help from an addiction specialist. Treatment and therapy are available and can be tailored to your teen's needs. The length of treatment and therapy depends on the severity of his or her drug or alcohol abuse.  

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