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Now that My Teen Relapsed, What Do I Do?

The fateful day has come, and your teen has used or drank after a bought of sobriety. You are probably disappointed, scared of their future, and unsure of what to do next. No one can fault you for how you are feeling although there are some solid tips for you to act upon.

Get calm

If you blow up at them, they could resent you and not let you help them at all. What your teen needs after a relapse is some guidance and assurance with what is most likely a shameful experience for them. Humiliating them any further could give them a reason to retaliate with drugs and alcohol instead of working towards their recovery. Do not give them a reason at drink at you. Rather give them an indication that you are there to support them in a composed manner.

Get support

Your teen may be the one that has the problem with drugs and alcohol, but an addiction affects the whole family. Seek help from a therapist, Al-anon, or CODA. Getting plugged into a support group will let you know that you are not alone and allow you to see what other parents are doing to encourage their teens to stay sober.

Get information

Although you have already been down this road with your teen's recovery, getting knowledge can also help you to cope. Sometimes parents enable and become codependent on their adolescents in order to feel like they are protecting them from the negative behaviors they display under the influence. Obtaining information about why people relapse and what happens to teens who are addicted to drugs and alcohol can not only give them the instruction they need, you can also learn compassion for them as well.

Get ready

Now is the time to help your teen stay focused on their recovery. Without enabling them, you have a great opportunity to inspire them to work with their sponsor, go to therapy, attend meetings, and be of service to others. You may be the one driving them around from appointment to meetings to school to volunteer, but this too shall pass. Being of service to your teen will give you a front row seat to see what their recovery is all about.

Relapse sometimes is a part of recovery. Grinning and bearing the good times along with the bad times will show your teen the necessary support you are giving them from extending patience, tolerance, and love after their relapse.

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