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Reasons Suicidal Ideation Is Becoming More Prevalent with Adolescents

Teens tend to be more dramatic and over-the-top with their emotions due the physical and mental changes that their hormones cause in them. With that being stated, each passing year has brought increasing rates for all teens who commit suicide with white males from the ages of 14-21 being the highest at risk according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). While blaming these hormonal changes would be easy, there are many other reasons that suicide ideation is becoming more prevalent with adolescents.
  • Inconclusive mental health screenings
  • Poor healthcare services
  • Unwilling to admit there is a problem
  • Poverty
  • Parents with an addiction
  • Domestic abuse
  • Racism
  • Depressing social media posts
    • antithetical political views
    • school shootings
    • disturbing images
  • Cyberbullying
  • Divorce
  • Unrealistic expectations
Kids today are having to deal with adult situations without being equipped to handle them making them more susceptible to feeling depressed, abandoned, and rejected. Adolescents in these situations can feel an immense anxiety which makes them think the only way out is to end their life to be free of suffering. More than ever adolescents need help with reassurance and boosts to their self-esteem. Not only are they trying to cope with teenage angst, they are trying to process the issues that they are dealing with emotionally. The teenage angst will eventually go away, but the emotional anguish will not dissipate without some assistance. Left untreated especially with teens, is where suicide ideation begins which could lead to taking the drastic actions of harming themselves or worse, finally ending their life.

Get informed

You may think that this could never happen to you, but the truth is it could. Maybe this will not happen to your teen although if you are informed enough, you could prevent this from happening to any teen who is exhibiting the symptoms of suicide ideation.

Be supportive

If you minimize the situation in any way, you could be setting up yourself for disaster. While you may think that your teen is being dramatic, you can never take back the inevitable act of suicide. You may tell yourself that they are not capable. Just know that they are if they are in enough pain and feel like they have no way out.

Trust your instincts

When you start to feel in your gut that something is not right, look into the situation immediately. Hopefully it will be a false alarm and if it's not, you can think your lucky stars that you acted before something fatal occurred. Get involved in your teen's life when suicide ideation becomes a apparent. You can be the best advocate that they have to ensure a long and healthy lifetime.  

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