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Should Your Teen Be Watching Netflix and Chilling?

Everyday there is more slang that is added to the Urban Dictionary that teenagers use as code to get away with things that they know that parents would probably not approve of. There is all sorts of language and phrases used by teens that sounds innocent, but really means something different. In fact, much of this secret language goes in one ear and out the other of clueless parents. If you hear that your teen is going to watch Netflix and chill, you should think again about letting them do so. This common everyday phrase that typically appears to be normal with binge watching parents means something completely different to a teen.  To watch Netflix and chill most likely means that your teen will be having sex. Maybe they will chill before the sexual act and watch Netflix after, although the ultimate goal is to hook up with a sexual partner. According to Wikipedia, this concept began to get tweeted on Twitter back in 2014 when people starting using scare quotes around the word chill to elude to having sex with a significant other or a booty call. The phenomenon of this phrase blew up with memes and blogs regularly using the euphemism without having to use the word sex at all. This may be a comical way to emphasize when people are planning to have intercourse for consenting adults although sex between inexperienced teens is different. Many teenagers do not have the emotional maturity to have sex or understand how important it is to practice safe sex, so they will not create problems for themselves in the future. Teen pregnancy and contracting sexually transmitted diseases can happen to anyone who is not being careful to protect themselves during sexual encounters.    While sexuality is a normal humanistic ritual, there should be proper education for teens to comprehend what the consequences of what really watching Netflix and chilling signifies. The irony of the slang is that having sex may keep a teen from being able to chill at all if a baby is the result of their intimate relations. The moral of the story is that knowing what the term means and being careful to use the euphemism when they are literally inviting someone to come watch Netflix while relaxing on the sofa or even a bed. Hopefully society can get motivated into graduate to having an Amazon Prime account and shop with some engagement.

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