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Signs Your Teen Has Been Spiritually Awakened

Recovery is dependent on finding a Higher Power that is meant to direct your teen in their sobriety. Since what they were doing in their addiction proved that they were powerless over drugs and alcohol, they need a power greater than themselves to restore them to sanity and to turn their will over to. Their substance abuse was in charge and now that they are sober, they need something more effective to help them which is where their Higher Power comes into play. You may be wondering how you know if they have been spiritually awakened. When this occurrence happens there will be no doubt you will see a definitive difference, but just in case you are still unsure, there are some telltale signs to prove that your teen has gone through a spiritual awakening.

They seem to have a bigger purpose in life.

Although school or their hobbies may not be their biggest interests just yet, you will start to observe that they are seeing the meaning of life much clearer through sober eyes. They may notice a rainbow, see the beauty of a flower, or believe in a shooting star to understand something that is bigger than them has made all of these things igniting a larger comprehension of what their purpose should be.

They understand that they are not the only ones in the world.

Substance abuse makes the user selfish and self-centered because all they want to do is drink and use. Instead of keeping up with their obligations and responsibilities, they would much rather lie, cheat, and steal to get their fix. Once they get sober and have a much-needed spiritual experience, you will have a different experience with them. They will start trying to be more respectful and be of service to better achieve becoming the person their Higher Power wants them to be.

They express a newfound inner peace.

Chaos has followed them for a while now and with their spiritual awakening tranquility and gratefulness will become more apparent. You no longer have to walk around on eggshells to keep from getting yelled at or being disregarded. Their company becomes enlightening and enjoyable which makes time with them rewarding. Spiritual awakenings are incredible to watch and with your teen you will be amazed in how much their mood and behavior can change with recovery aspects setting in. When a spiritual awakening takes place, your relationship will deepen and become more authentic with each passing day.

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