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So Your Teen Doesn't Think There's a Power Greater than Themselves?

Our teens can be full of pride and ego beyond comparison. Ripe in their adolescence, robust with hormones and curiosity around the world, many parents find themselves at odds with their all-knowing teens. Whether raised in the church or raised without faith, our teens seem to find that they are the highest power in their own lives, and wreak havoc as a result. Addiction, alcoholism, sexual promiscuity, crime, adverse behaviors, and more, as their own authority, our children lose their way. As parents, we know the way. Solidified in our faith as defined by our trust and surrender to powers greater than ourselves, we have the advanced maturity to understand what our teens do not. Opening their eyes to the world for the first time, teens often become depressed, anxious, stressed, and angry. We watch our children shake with rage over what they cannot control or change. We offer to hold them as they cry from exhaustion and confusion about the world. Our loving father and providing God fulfills a difficult job, which only He could do. The challenges of making plans, and watching man, driven by self-will run riot, constantly disobey and create more pain, would not be a match for any human's patience. Surrendering to the humility of knowing that there are powers greater than the self is a deeply psychological, emotional, and spiritual challenge our addicted teens will face in treatment. Brought to their knees, both literally and figuratively, by an addiction which grew beyond their control, our teens will start to recognize the unique place in the world they have as a vessel for carrying out God's will in their lives. Esoterically the task is great. For everyday struggles when your teen needs a reminder that the weight of the world doesn't lay on their shoulders, there are small humble reminders available sourced from the word and the beautiful earth which we were given by our loving Creator.

Bible Verses about God's Plan Which Inspires Surrender

Our teens need to know that God is on their side. Addiction can leave our teens feeling vulnerable, lost, forgotten, and forsaken. Of course, that isn't true. Every child is loved and adored, fearfully and wonderfully made with distinct purpose and pleasure by God. Jeremiah 29:11 most famously describes the words of God who says For I know the plans I have for give you a future and a hope. In Proverbs 3 we are reminded about trusting in God's plan, Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.  

Activity: Try to Stop Nature

There are forces greater than ourselves operating around us always. Clouds are moving, wind is blowing, gravity is creating waves in the ocean, and the earth is spinning on its axis. Ask your teen to stop the clouds in the sky and consider the consequences of preventing the earth from continuing to spin. Some things in life are precisely where they are supposed to be, for very good reasons which are sometimes beyond our knowledge. God has a plan and we have faith that His plans are for good. Romans 8:28 reminds us And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.  

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