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Teen Guide to Staying Sober at Concerts

Going to concerts is one of those activities that can start during the teenage years. Teens typically start to develop their own musical identity during this era of their lives and tend to get caught up in the celebrity of musicians that leads them to see them live. Concerts are synonymous with sex, drugs, and rock ‘n' roll and can be a tempting place that could cause a teen an abundance of trouble if they are not careful. The guiding force into feeling the music can be accentuated with drugs and alcohol which is why they run rampant at concerts. A teen who has become sober from substance abuse may have a hard time dealing with the triggers and cravings that may pop up from being around drugs and alcohol and should carefully consider the aspects of how to attend a concert sober.

Get some feedback

Consulting with a therapist or a sponsor before you go can set the record straight as to if a concert is a safe place for you to be in the first place. Once your status has been pondered and you get the green light, you will need some recovery tools to help you maintain sobriety in one of the trickiest places to be in recovery.

Have an escape plan

If you start to feel uncomfortable or pressured, you should drive your own car or have the Uber app to rely on to get you out of the concert as soon as possible. Staying at a concert when you are feeling weak can get you into a predicament to relapse so make a plan to leave before you get there.

Bring a sober friend

You may tell everyone that you are with that you are not drinking, but once they get a buzz they may keep continuously asking you if you want a hit or a drink because that is what people who are under the influence do. Where two or more are gathered though you can have a recovery meeting without telling anyone else what is going on. By bringing someone else who is also not drinking, you can stay sober much easier.

Use self-care

Make sure that you have eaten a meal and drank plenty of water before you go so that you feel good physically in that way. Take time before you leave for the concert to call others in your support group to take the power out of your fears you are facing. Say some prayers and meditate to get you centered before you walk into the concert with masses of people who are drinking and using.  

First things first are to put your sobriety first. There may be a group or an artist that you are dying to see, but if you do not get a grip on your recovery first, you may be putting yourself in a very dangerous position to relapse.

Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center has a program that can help the whole family to begin to heal. We offer essential recovery support skills to show the teen and their family how to implement a strong network that can reinforce healthy living.

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