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The Consequence of Choosing an Adolescent Treatment Center Without Academic Focus

Addiction in adolescence takes a toll on the student's academics. Acting out in school, skipping class, not doing homework, constant suspensions and expulsions-- parents run out of answers as to how to get their child to participate in his or her education. Underneath the surface of these problem behaviors are acute psychological processes which are being harmed rather than helped. In addition to the rewiring of key neural pathways due to the substance abuse, the adolescent brain is missing out on critical development. Learning, socializing in healthy ways, discipline, routine, and other components of a normal academic lifestyle are essential for a child. Developing a sense of self-worth and ability through drug and alcohol abuse, rather than academics and extracurricular activities, compromises a child's future. By the same logic, choosing an adolescent addiction treatment program that only focuses on treating drug and alcohol addiction is equally harmful. Of course, there are numerous benefits to a child taking time to detox completely, learn how to live without drugs and alcohol, then develop skills for living sober in recovery. However, there are many more benefits to creating a thriving academic environment as well so that a child doesn't fall further behind in school and learns that at a young age that school is a non-negotiable part of recovery and daily life. Learning, studying, and producing assigned homework is as important as therapy, meditation, and other parts of a personal recovery program. Recovery schools, or recovery programs that include academic settings, are still limited. Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center is one of the few institutions offering academic progress during the treatment of addiction in adolescents. Preliminary studies into the efficacy of combining academics and rehabilitation have so far found that adolescents in such programs have higher rates of success in sobriety and in their academics-- longer sober streaks and higher grades. Integrating academic progress into the treatment of addiction in adolescents creates a comprehensive lifestyle from which young people can learn. Rather than be in an incubated environment for an extended period of treatment time, then attempt to normalize academics again, adolescents learn how to incorporate recovery into all areas of their life. Diet, nutrition, therapy, 12-step work, and other areas of recovery become part of a whole life instead of a compartmentalized fragment.   Foundation building. Life cleansing. Future planning.  

The unique, adolescent male addiction treatment program for young men at Stonewater Recovery supports these our sons in developing the positive behaviors they need for body, mind, and spirit, to renew and restore their lives for long term recovery. Call us today for information on our beautiful estate in Mississippi and our family approach to treatment: 662-598-4214.