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The Dangers of Teen Experimentation

Teens are full of curiosity in life and wish to experience more and more that comes their way. Discovering new things and having more freedom to do so with age can be a disaster waiting to happen when it comes to the likes of drugs and alcohol. Peer pressure runs rampant with teenagers who just wish to be popular and do not understand the dangers that can occur from getting a buzz. Anxiety and lack of impulse control can also put teens at a higher risk of taking drugs and alcohol for the first time which can also make parents at a disadvantage to prevent risky behaviors that might happen. Risk-taking and experimentation is often a normal rite of passage for a teenager who is figuring out their way in life. Major developments occur in the body in the teenage years especially in their brains. During this growth period, experimentation can make a teen more vulnerable to the effects of drugs, alcohol, or possibly head trauma. With all that being said, is there a way to discourage experimentation? Sure, if your teen is willing to understand what it is you are trying to discourage them from.


Some teens are going to do what they are going to do, no matter if they know what consequences they could be facing. There are those teenagers, however, who will listen to what the dangers of drugs and alcohol can pose on them and take heed. Give them articles to read on what happens to the body, the mind, and the soul once substance abuse ensues. Letting them know that anyone is susceptible to addiction, especially teens, could deter them from experimentation and give them the knowledge they need to make a pensive decision.


Since most teens have really only had minor consequences for minor infractions, they have no idea how drugs and alcohol could cause major complications in their life. An innocent attempt to get high or drunk can cause them to exhibit risky behaviors such as unprotected sex, nonconsensual sex, driving under the influence, fighting, stealing, or worse, overdosing. A teen may think that these circumstances would never happen to them, but these problems happen rather frequently to teens who are getting loaded or drunk. Experimentation may be deemed as a normal teenage initiation; however, the reality is that they should wait to try drugs and drink alcohol until they are of legal age and have the brain capacity to be fully aware of the dangers that are involved. To protect your teen may seem difficult at times, although with explaining the ramifications that drugs and alcohol create along with sharing your knowledge of substance abuse, you are doing a really good job trying.

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