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The Real Story about Hookah Smoking

A Hookah is nothing new. The advanced water pipe which is used to smoke tobacco blends has been traced back to India during the 15th century. Instead of smoking a dry tobacco like a cigarette or a cigar that causes combustion, the Hookah moistens the tobacco making the smoke much smoother. Charcoal heated air is passed through the tobacco in a Hookah, called Shisha which is a tobacco paste with added flavors. The air is then passed into the water at the bottom of the Hookah which makes the smoke infiltrate the hose that is connected to a mouthpiece for consumption. According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2018 four out of every hundred high school students claimed to have used a Hookah in the past 30 days and one of out every hundred middle school students had also tried a Hookah in the past 30 days. Even though Hookah statistics may appear to seem relatively lower than other types of nicotine or tobacco products, any adolescent who smokes a Hookah is at risk for health issues or addiction. Although a Hookah has been reported as a better alternative to cigarettes, there are still some concerns for an adolescent who is giving the pipe a puff.

The appeal

Adolescents find sitting around sharing a Hookah a fun event while finding the flavors engaging. What is really happens is that these friends will sit around for hours smoking and being social which adds up on the amount they are actually smoking. One hour of Hookah smoking is as harmful as 100 cigarettes.

The health issues

Adolescents are naive and may believe the hype that the Hookah is not as dangerous as cigarettes. Since the Hookah smoke appeals to younger smokers with fruity flavors to disguise the real taste, they are also duped into thinking that the water pipe is not dangerous. Hookah smoke contains several toxins known to cause lung, bladder, and oral cancers as well as decreases chances of fertility.

The misconceptions

Adolescents are convinced that the water in the pipe filters out the nicotine although this is just a myth because approximately only 5 percent of nicotine is taken out through the water. Adolescents believe that the fruity flavors make the Hookah tobacco content much safer, but tobacco in a Hookah is just as grave as cigarette tobacco.   Adolescents think that second-hand smoke from a Hookah is not a concern since lounges are still in business even though the CDC calls the smoke unsafe and a health risk. Do not let the social aspect of the Hookah keep you in the dark about what the costs could truly be. A Hookah is proven to have just as much of a health concern as cigarettes and e-cigarettes without the bad reputation proceeding it.

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