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The Secret to Teenage Happiness

Adolescence has typically been deemed an unpleasant period of time to live in and you probably cannot wait until you are older. With growing pains, peer pressure, social stress, family dysfunction, and the fear of the unknown, you may encounter undue anxiety as you mature into an adult. Your parents may look back on their teenage years riddled with guilt wishing they could have enjoyed their adolescence much more when they had the chance especially now that they are reliving your teenage years with you. Maybe you should heed their warning and enjoy your adolescence while you can too. There is no reason to go through life continuously feeling bummed out when there are so many reasons for you to be happy particularly now that you are sober. By putting some effort into achieving personal bliss now, hopefully you will not have to look back later in your life with regret of not taking pleasure in what you have right now.

Appreciate your blessings

Even if you do not have all the material things that you want, you can be grateful for what you do have. The air you breathe, your sobriety, and a second chance at life may seem lame to be thankful for, but you will be pleasantly surprised how being appreciative for the things that you are probably taking for granted can curve your swerve into feel blessed.

Seize the day

Living in the moment is an important concept to grasp because now will never happen again. By not getting into the future and staying out the past, you can better keep yourself from worry and stress thus allowing more room for sunshiny days.

Find your passion

You may be young and feel like finding what you want to do when you grow up is not important. Jobs today are expanding due to the growth of technology. If you enjoy playing video games you could go to school to be a game developer, or learn how to create an app. You could study marketing for social media platforms which will pay you to be on social media all day long. Do what you love, and you will be much happier in your quest for life.   Being happy does not automatically mean that everything will be sublime; it just means that you are able to ride the ups and downs that the wave of life presents to you. Whatever you do, just make the choice to do things that will ensure your happiness and you cannot go wrong.

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