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Tips to Build Your Teen Up in Recovery

It is no secret that addiction can really tear someone down mentally, physically, and spiritually in every way. Substance abuse will progressively make a person's life worse with each passing day. The solution that must take place with your teen is total abstinence from drugs and alcohol. You can be instrumental in showing them the way without doing their recovery for them. Your child needs your guidance more than ever and the best way to aid them is by building them up in their recovery.    

Give them support

One of the best ways to help your teen with cessation is getting them into a rehabilitation facility and following up with a aftercare program such as a 12-Step program. What this achieves is getting around a different crowd than what they hung around when they were using and drinking. Peer pressure can be something that leads your teen back to their substance abuse. Getting them around like-minded people that they can relate to will increase their chances to stay sober by new making friends in recovery.

Give them encouragement

You can show your teenager your love in many ways without enabling them. Providing encouragement during their recovery can go a long way even when they are skeptical. Focus on the things they have accomplished while staying sober instead of criticizing them or talking down to them. Your teen will thrive with genuine compliments and pointing out their spiritual gifts.

Give them stability

Substance abuse is anything but stable. You can make the difference in assisting them to gain more balance in their recovery. Getting help for yourself regarding their substance abuse will offer you a chance to guard against relapse. Everyone in the family gets sick from an addiction and learning prevention from relapse can make the biggest difference for your teen putting the drugs and alcohol down for the long run.

Give them a chance

Although you may have been at your wits end with all the shenanigans your teen has pulled, you can try to forgive their past actions. This does not mean that you need to forget what they have done because you still need to protect yourself. You just need to believe in what they are doing in their recovery, so they can flourish in your positive vibes.   Getting sober is a difficult process for anyone, including a teen, to endure. By edifying your son or daughter you can be the beacon that shines on their recovery guiding them along the way.

Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center leads the way with progressive, evidence-based programming to most effectively treat each individual adolescent while focusing on the uniqueness of each client. Healing the mind, the body, and the spirit as one in the same can make the biggest difference in staying sober.

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