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Tips to Help Out Your Stressed-Out Teen

Your teen may become stressed out with their schoolwork, extracurricular activities, peer pressure, love relationships, or issues at home. As a parent, you might be taking for granted the stressors that your teen has to deal with because you have to deal with financial burdens, pressures with work, and making sure that everything in the household is taken care of. You may have forgotten what it was like to be a teen and even though you may think their problems are minimal compared to what you are having to manage, they still are human and have to deal with their age-related stresses nonetheless. You can be helpful with guiding them through these difficult times by showing them positive coping mechanisms that can help them well into their adulthood. By demonstrating to them how to minimize their overwhelming stress levels with a few simple techniques, you can assist them in better maximizing their happiness.


How people find relaxation is different for everyone, but you should encourage them to do something that will distract them from their worries and focus on something that calms them down. Going for a walk with the dog or fishing with you are all things that will take them out of the busy world for a bit into a more tranquil setting.


Instead of having anxiety waiting for the other shoe to drop, lead them to look at situations with the glass half-full. Instead of feeling defeated when something does not go the way they want, teach them how to turn lemons into lemonade and how to make their inner dialogue speak to them in a kind way.


A teen does not have to wait until they are an adult to find the practice of meditation or the use of therapy as a stress reliever. There are apps that provide guided meditation and there are counselors and therapist that can help your teen alleviate their stress.  


Your teen needs exercise, a good night's sleep, and healthy meals to assist in their overall health. By staying healthy during this instrumental time of growth, they can benefit from reducing stress with better choices regarding their health. Stress affects everyone including teens. In order to give your teen a way to be rid of their stress, your direction can be the guiding force with the techniques that will prove to be conducive to less stressful daily living.

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