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Tips to Help Your Teen to Celebrate Halloween Sober

Your teenager finally got sober this year and you thrilled although Halloween is on the horizon which makes you nervous. In the past years, your teen has participated in Halloween loaded. You fear that there may experience triggers that could jeopardize their sobriety when they have worked so hard for it these last few months. You may feel hopeless with your efforts to help them because they probably think your ideas are dumb, but never fear - Halloween-inspired sober ideas are here.    

Host a sober costume party

Having a party in your home will help you to control the environment and keep the party legitimately sober. You get to invite the guests you want, pick a haunted menu to whip up, and provide activities including a costume contest that will allow for a fun and Spooktacular evening.  

Watch scary movies

Ask your teen to invite a few friends that you approve of and let them watch movies in your living room. Buy a few DVDs that are considered classic horror movies and let the screaming begin. Pop up some popcorn, get some soft drinks and candy, and your teen and their friends will be all set to be scared out of their gourd.

Tour haunted houses

Find some local haunted houses that can entertain your teen for the evening. You may have to drive them or use the locator on your phone to keep an eye on their whereabouts, but they are sure to have a good time. Either they will laugh at the weak effects or be frightened by the special effects that may prove to be epic.

Let them hand out candy

Some teens feel like they are too old to go trick or treating anymore. Ask them to hand out candy to the younger kids who will be ringing the doorbell and asking them to smell their feet. This is a great way to keep them from having to deal with peer pressure from friends and allow them to eat as much candy as they want while giving out the goodies. Halloween is a holiday that is associated with drinking and using for many teens. Now that your teen is sober, this is a great way to show them how fun Halloween can be without the use of mind-altering drugs. Instead of walking around blacked out in a torn costume or with makeup smeared all over their face, they can really enjoy the spirit of Halloween.

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