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Tips to Make Your New Year's Resolutions Effective for Your Recovery

As a teenager, you may not feel like you need to make resolutions yet because you just do not need them. Resolutions may be considered adulting because typically they revolve around financial needs, getting healthy due to aging, or setting professional goals. All which may not be relevant to you at your stage in life. No matter how old someone is there are always areas of improvement that need to be resolved especially when it comes to their recovery. This does not make you are a bad person or a failure, it simply means that you have an awesome opportunity to grow in an area that may be lacking. The good news is that you can make excellent use of your New Year's resolutions to help your recovery to be that much more effective.

Pick a goal

Look at where you need to implement change and put a plan of action together to help you strive to improve the things that are holding you back. Choosing the aspects of your life that need some attention is a sign of strength and honesty that could propel you into a prosperous New Year.  

Start small

One characteristic that is common amongst those who are trying to change is the all or nothing mentality. Instead of taking the resolution one day at a time, one aspect of a time, a person in recovery may give up altogether if they are not receiving the instant gratification they were hoping for. Set resolutions that are realistic for you to achieve instead of setting yourself up to be too overwhelmed.

Take it one day at a time

Rome wasn't built in a day and your resolution will take some time to come into fruition. All you can do is what is right in front of you which you may think is not enough. Trust the process of the resolution and you will see better results.

Get support

Let others know what you are planning to do to increase accountability and inspiration. Trying to accomplish a resolution alone decreases your chances of making your goal actually happen. You may find others who are trying to reach the same resolution which c Resolutions are meant to guide you into the New Year and if you are trying to stay sober, they can guide you through your recovery as well. Reaching for the sky will make unlimited hope for you to strive for.

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