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Tips to Stay Sober on Easter

Easter is right around the corner and although this holiday is not necessarily associated with alcohol or drugs, someone who suffers from substance abuse will use any day as a day to be under the influence. Even teens who try to hide their use of alcohol and drugs may use this holiday to get tight to avoid the daily pressures they face and having to hang out with loved ones that give them anxiety. Teens who want to continue staying sober but have a hard time doing so on this holiday which promotes religion and can invoke undue pressures from being around family members who stress them out can do it. By adhering to a few tips that will get you through the day, you can remain sober on Easter Sunday.

Stay away from drugs and alcohol.

You may be thinking, thank you, Einstein, for the suggestion , but the truth is that if you experience cravings from being around loved ones, you should stay away from them until you work out your issues first. Whether their behaviors or words make you feel inferior, or if they are using or drinking in front of you, you should try to excuse yourself from the situation. This may seem near impossible because your parents require your attendance. Explain your stance to them so you can stick up for your sobriety and they can understand your difficulties much clearer.

Play the tape forward.

If you have already experienced more consequences than you care to face, playing the tape forward on what happens when you drink or use can be instrumental in making better decisions based on your recovery. You can visualize going to jail again or overdosing and being sent to the hospital. Realistically understanding what will happen next may not always work with the obsession of your addiction. Move onto the next recovery tool in your toolbox until you find something that appeases your craving. Call recovery friends until you get someone on the other line, go to a meeting, or be of service to someone else. Putting into action what you have learned could be the very thing that could save your life. Easter represents renewal and rebirth, so use that as motivation to remain in your recovery. Doing something different, like staying sober, is a spring into the right direction of doing something new and rewarding for yourself.  

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