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Ways Parents Set Boundaries with Teens in their Gaming

Ever wonder if your teen is gaming too much? The long days and nights of nonstop gaming without ceasing to eat, sleep, take a shower, and sometimes go to the bathroom, all in name of winning that last leg of the game that never seems to end. Research shows that excessive gaming for 6 to 8 weeks for more than 10 hours a day can cause an addiction to pursue as well as some major changes in a once thriving teen. They could become the character they are playing the most because of their excessive game play. You probably know that you should make some changes, but you are unsure how to implement any rules because you just do not want to have to deal with the backlash you know you will receive. If you want to make those changes you wish for, you will have to take some actions that will probably be met with some resistance in which you will have to counter with persistence. For you to make necessary adjustments in your teen's gaming life, you must hold your bottom line or else your teen could face some serious repercussions that could lead to gaming addiction.  
  • Set a time limit of how long they can play each day or even each week. Once that time has expired so do their gaming privileges.
  • Take all gaming devices out the bedroom including computers, tablets, phones, or consoles so you can monitor their usage.
  • Breaking the rules would include turning off parental controls, buying games or virtual dollars without permission, and viewing sites in which they are underage.
  • Require them to participate in some physical activity 3 times a week whether it is getting to the gym, riding a bike, or taking yoga.
  • Ask them to be involved with the family for dinner every night and to be a part of family night 2 times a week by actively engaging outside their bedroom.
  • Ask them to update you on their homework and their grades, so they know that if they do not keep up with their schoolwork, they will not be able to game any longer.
  Give them some direction to what it is that you want them to achieve in their life before they are allowed to get on their game controls. You may have to review their conduct nightly until they prove that they will follow your rules but having a say in what your teen does with their free time is important for the family's well-being.

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