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Ways to Help Decrease Your Teen's Technology Time

You may be spending more of your time trying to get your adolescent off their iPad, a cell phone or gaming device instead of being able to inspire them to complete their school work or socialize in person with their friends. Kids of today are found to be less happy and less motivated than generations before. The prevalence of streaming, social media, gaming, and apps seems to capture their attention. With the ease of technology, frustrated parents are unsure of what actions to take to decrease their kids' technology time. Common Sense Media, a non-profit organization which focuses on navigating the world of media and technology, has devised some research showing that kids between the ages of 8-18 spend an average of 9 hours a day using their tablets, gaming devices, computers, or cell phones. This type of data exhibits how technology has taken over the lives of teens who are living in a digitally connected world, full of endless cyber possibilities. You will have to be the leader in implementing the change which can show your children there is life beyond Instagram, Netflix, or Call of Duty. While this may not be an easy task at first, with some consistency, you will lead the way to decreasing your teen's technology time.

Direct them outside

Whether you have Sunday Fundays or Diversion Thursdays, find something that appeals to them on the other side of their screen. Finding local activities like paintball games, laser tag, or go kart racing will not only get them active, but will allow them to have fun in the process.

Remain in control

Since you are the parent, you will need to guide your child in the right direction. Set timers for how long screen time will be allowed at home and follow through with what your rules are for how technology is used in your household. Change your Wi-Fi password accordingly, making it impossible for your kids to use their devices outside the realm of your timeline. Protecting your teenager in a mobile world from the dangers that technology in excess can create, may seem impossible. Communicating with them and modeling the behavior you wish them to have can in turn generate achievable balance in regards to their technology time. Getting better order in your life surrounding how your children function with their technology, will make life much better for everyone involved. Even though you may live in what is considered a mobile world, finding a balance with better forms of mobility for your family will be beneficial all the way around.

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