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What are the Benefits of Exercise in Recovery?

The last thing you are probably thinking about now that you are sober is finding an activity to do for exercise. In fact, you may have already convinced yourself you have no time for any physical activity because of your schoolwork, extracurricular activities, or just wanting to socialize with your friends. With exercise also comes tons of insecurity and misconception on what you should be doing in regard to physical activity. Every teen's body is different and may need something other than the normal recommendation. Often this will keep a teen from working out due to the doubts they have and the fear that they will not accomplish what they set out to do. Instead of holding yourself back from furthering your measures to get physically healthy, find something that works for you.

Start small and work up.

If you start exercising and put too much pressure on yourself to do more than you can handle, then you will undoubtedly overwhelm your chances to keep up with your goals. Take things slow so that you can build up your strength and endurance in the right manner so that you will keep up with the exercise for the long haul and for the right reasons.

Find what motivates you.

Running and lifting weights may not be your gig, but there are tons of other physical activity that you can start trying. Get creative and look for things that actually make exercise more enjoyable for you. Go to a goat yoga studio, learn how to exercise on a trampoline, use hydrotherapy, or anything that is better suited for you to accentuate you mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Set goals for your personal progress.

You may normally compare yourself to other teens in all the areas of your life. By doing more than you can, you just may exhaust your efforts to do what you are capable of doing. Stay in your lane and focus on what your needs are so that you can make the changes with exercise that can also enhance your recovery. Exercise is an important part of your health that can positively affect your health as your body continues to develop. Exercise can also help your attitude and improve your recovery efforts on a much bigger scale. Find the exercise that works for you and in the spirit of recovery - it works if you work it.

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