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What are the Most Common Roadblocks that Teens Face in their Recovery?

Getting sober during adolescence can be a difficult experience for teens to endure. Addiction brings on a battle that is hard to overcome and that battle continues into their recovery. There are many situations in recovery that could cause your teen some undue adversity. Roadblocks will occur from time to time that could make recovery seem like it was the wrong decision to make. By understanding what some of these roadblocks are in advance, you could be instrumental in assisting your teen to navigate their way on the beaten path into recovery much easier.

Feeling like they are alone.

Teens who are sober need a ton of support. Not only are they dealing with hormones and trying to be popular, but they are also trying to stay sober amongst friends who probably think being sober is lame. This situation often makes them feel misunderstood and ostracized when friends are extremely important to them during this stage of their life.

Uninterested in making changes.

One of the most important aspects to recovery is executing the necessary alterations that will support their long-term sobriety. Friends, hangouts, and perspective will all need to change to give your teen a chance to succeed in recovery which will be hard for them to fathom. However, if they continue doing the same thing, they will be putting themselves at risk to eventually relapse.

Doing the bare minimum.

Teens generally like to take shortcuts to dodge doing any hard work. In recovery, they will have to put effort into staying sober. Going to rehab, therapy, and participating in a 12-Step program are all in the best interest of your teen. Recovery promotes a way to help your teen to be rid of their reasons to drink or use in which they were not able to do on their own. Give your teen the support and insight they need to make the most out of their recovery.  

Thinking they got this.

Part of recovery measures deal with breaking down your teen's pride and ego. Instead of being a know-it-all, your teenager will need to understand that recovery means taking suggestions from someone who knows more than they know about sobriety. By thinking they got this, they are not being honest or humble enough to understand what recovery really entails. Roadblocks are inevitable, but how you and your teen respond to them can make or break their recovery. Your support is everything, so remaining calm with a level head when these situations arise may create the difference your teen needs to get through each roadblock they break through.

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