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What are the Most Popular Social Media Trends for Teens?

The internet can be a scary place to let your teens interact online. With 95 percent of teens having access to a smartphone according to the Pew Institute, 45 percent of these teens state they are online constantly. There are many different platforms that may test your knowledge because you do not get how they work which could be intentional from the get-go. Kids want different social media platforms aside from their parents, so they can keep their privacy intact which product developers purposely capitalize on as a means to build a successful outlet. One of the problems for parents is they may feel out of the loop as to whether these platforms are safe or not. By knowing which social media trends are the most popular for teens, you can better understand what you are teen is actually doing when they are online and when they are using their apps.  


85 percent of teens admit to using YouTube from the research the Pew Center compiled with their Teens and Technology survey. YouTube has continued to increase its popularity with the influencers and vlogging that may not make sense to adults. Teens will watch a variety of videos that include challenges (Remember the Tide Pod challenge?) to watching gamers play games with live narration. The problem with this platform is the explicit language and being able to watch inappropriate content by as simple as pushing play on a video.


72 percent of teenagers use Instagram. Teens like the availability to post a picture with hashtags that are easily found by other users. While Facebook may have once been the frontrunner for teens, Instagram has dominated for the last few years. Teens have suggested that Instagram is more innovative and easier to use than their parent's favorite social media posting platform of Facebook. By scrolling through pictures and clicking on hashtags, the demographics appear to be rather youthful although there are hackers that can do damage to your teens identity and stalkers that can hassle them.  


69 percent of teens use Snapchat. The filters teenagers use to take a quick pic of themselves is fun and attracts many adolescents to try the platform. Teens like to get away with stuff due to their innate rebellion and Snapchat allows them to do so. They can take a picture or video on this private messaging app that sends their info to another person which will be deleted after it has been viewed. If your teen were to send something that they do not want anyone else to see such as nudity or sexting, their picture or video could be screenshotted to cause them harm. Knowing the most popular social media trends could help you to navigate through what your teen is doing online. Your best bet is to follow them or see what they are viewing to keep them safe for the sake of their future.

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