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What Do I Do if My Adolescent is Resistant to Treatment?

A stumbling block for parents who have adolescents struggling with substance abuse is what to do when they flat out refuse to go to the rehabilitation facility that you picked for their specific needs. How do you make someone go to treatment even if they are underage and under your supervision? Trying to figure out what you should do and say to your teen to convince them to go to rehab may not be in your wheelhouse. Teens who are developing into what they will become are most likely trying to gain more independence and control in this stage of their life. Naturally they will try to argue their way out of doing anything that you, their parent, wants them to do especially if they under the influence. You and everyone around you can see that your adolescent needs to get sober today, but that is not enough for your teen to buy into what you are trying to sell them. Your solution could be to force them to go, although approaching the situation to find out why they are in opposition, may be the way to get your foot into the door to change their mind. While it might not be easy to get this information from a less than reluctant teen with an attitude, you may need to get out your sleuth hat and elicit some backup help. With all these potential roadblocks coming at you, finding any resources that can help you will be in your best interest at this point. Getting the right treatment provider is crucial for the benefit of your teen. If your teen does not have respect for the person who will be helping them, or they think they already know more than the therapist, this will not a good fit for your teen. Going to the treatment facility first to check out the location and ask questions on how to get your reluctant teen to come without a big fight can help you understand what you need to do to support the teen into recovery. Make an effort to listen to what your teen is telling you on why they are rejecting your offer to get them well. Through listening to your teen, you can make notes on what it is they think that they need and try to ease their fears by trying to give them what it is they desire to start the process of getting sober. Getting someone into treatment can be difficult to say the least. With your dedication, perseverance, and guidance from professionals, you can make the right decision that will impact their life into sobriety.

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