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What Do I Do Now that Someone Broke My Anonymity at School?

Middle school and high school are both notorious for gossip and bullying. Movies and shows use this depiction in many of their productions because this source of anguish is real to so many people. Everyone who has lived through adolescence can probably relate to a similar ordeal because most have been through some sort of experience that made them feel less than at the hands of another adolescent. Now that you are sober and are in recovery, you are probably trying to stay under the radar of not letting others in your school know that you are in a 12-Step program that is anonymous in nature. You may live in fear of having someone find out why you are not drinking or taking drugs at parties anymore or why you are choosing to say no to smoking weed with your friends. What would happen if your anonymity was broken and it was found out amongst your peers that you went to rehab and must participate in your anonymous 12- Step program?

Call your sponsor

There is no cookie cutter solution to what you should do in your specific situation, but your sponsor or your therapist can help you process the situation. By making good choices to work through the disappointment you are feeling and not let the ignorance or malice of that person have power over you, you will have a much better chance at not relapsing.

Tell your parents

Your mom, dad, or guardian will want to know what has happened to you at school especially if it is negative in nature. They are there to protect your well-being and can help you to assess the situation at school to figure out how to handle the staff along with your classmates.

Calm yourself

This is an epic time to use the recovery tools you have been learning to your benefit. The person(s) who broke your anonymity is really just clueless with what they are saying about you. A 12-Step program is a great program to adhere to and follow the suggestions. At the end of the day, if you keep doing what you are doing you will have exactly what you need and will not have to worry about missing out on opportunities that might make for a better future. The farther you get away from the drugs and alcohol, the fewer people will be concerned about what you have done in your past. Someone breaking your anonymity is pretty awful, however, take a minute to remember how far you have already come in your sobriety. Now that everyone knows that you are sober, maybe you will be able to help someone else who is struggling in their addiction and wants to get sober like you.

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