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What Exactly Is Teenage Self-Care?

One of the life skills that people who attend a rehabilitation center must learn right off the bat is how to develop self-care. For a teenager who has had no concept of self-care due to their age and their experience, it is important to get them to understand why self-care is so important. Self-care simply stated means that someone, including teens, will take the steps that they need to feel good about themselves and feel relaxed by taking care of their physical, mental, and spiritual needs. By making them feel whole, they are able to not only connect to their whole being but be able to better connect to the rest of the world. Rather than involving themselves with self-indulgence, a teenager can fully achieve self-preservation.

Look for the things that make you feel good

Taking time for the things you enjoy is crucial for self-care. Pay attention to things that bring you joy and try to do that every day. Whether it is cooking, gardening, or skateboarding, do activities that are therapeutic for you and fills the void you were trying to achieve with drugs and alcohol.  

Do the things that make you feel healthy

Addiction will rob you of your basic needs that keep you in good condition. Sleep, food, water and hygiene are all aspects of survival that go by the waste side when someone would rather use or drink than remain healthy. Apply the changes that you need by implementing the appropriate amount of sleep, diet, and cleanliness that can make a huge difference in your recovery and help you to keep thriving.  

Appreciate the things that make you feel spiritual

Self-care also entails doing things that enhance your recovery. Spending time in mediation, journaling, or making a gratitude list will allow you to connect more adequately to your Higher Power. This may seem lame to you because you probably feel like you have more important things to do in your teenage years. If you want to stay sober, you will understand your spirituality is extremely important for growth in your recovery. Self-care may be something new for you to try altogether, but the results will not disappoint. The main thing to remember is that you cannot pour from an empty cup. You must fill your cup first and the best thing to fill your cup up with is self-care.

Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center has a program that can help the whole family to begin to heal. We offer essential recovery support skills to show the teen and their family how to implement a strong network that can reinforce healthy living.

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