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What Is My Role in Parenting a Teen with Substance Abuse?

As a parent of a newborn, you took care of that child when they could not take care of themselves. You had to, or they could not survive on their own. As that baby continued to get older there were different stages that took place in which you had to teach your child how to learn new skills and how to deal with their emotions to fast forward into becoming a teenager. While the teenage years are not always easy with a moody and temperamental disposition, it can be even more difficult to navigate with a teen who has developed a substance abuse disorder. You may be at your wit's end trying to be the best parent you can for your baby who is suffering tremendously from a condition that even adults cannot handle. Although this may be an unfortunate situation to be in, you can still be the parent they need without overstepping your boundaries.

Be the dutiful parent

There is no cookie cutter way to deal with an addiction. Every person and every circumstance is different, so many times you will have to follow your instincts. Mistakes will be made, but as long as you are doing the very best job you can do to get your teen the help and support that they need, you are fulfilling your duty.

Be the encouraging parent

Having a teen recover from substance abuse can be like walking around on eggshells every minute you are around them. Although you may not be confident at times yourself, try to keep an optimistic view for your teenager to see. You could be the encouragement that they need to keep moving forward in their recovery.

Be the supporting parent

This does not mean financially or materially because that ship may have already sailed, and you should not enable them in their addiction any longer. Support comes in many different forms. You can help them to find meetings, a rehabilitation facility that works for them, or you can simply be the emotional support that they need to make the decision to stay sober.

Be the knowledgeable parent

Your teen will need help with substance abuse and so will you. Even though you may not have the problem with drugs and alcohol, addiction affects the whole family. The best way to combat an addiction is to have awareness and prevention to get a better indication of what you should do when complications come up. A therapist or a counselor can assist you in keeping your bottom line concerning their drinking or using which may help you to discontinue any enabling with their substance abuse. Instead of staying in the problem, get into the solution.

If you or an adolescent you know needs to get help for drug or alcohol abuse, Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center can give you the guidance that you deserve. Establishing a strong network of family and community can reinforce practices for living substance free.

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