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What Meditation Really Does for Teens

Meditation has gotten a bad rap at times because of its religious affiliation with religious groups thinking it may mean one thing when they believe another. Due to this misconception there have been legions of people who missed out on the benefits that meditation brings especially teens who typically would be a part of the same religious domination as their parents. You can sit back and relax your teenage mind if the religious aspect of meditation is holding you back. Meditation is mostly used to help you to connect to your spiritual side because everyone has one that is waiting to be exerted. Whether your spirituality comes out in nature, through helping animals, from volunteering, going to church, or other activities that make you happy, one of the ways to hone your spiritual side is through meditation. The general perception of meditation is that someone is sitting cross legged or in a prayer stance chanting, but that does not have to be the same for you. Meditation is what you make it because there are no rules for your personal journey. Basically, you are taking a break to breathe, sit still for a moment, and relax in however that looks for you. There is nothing more epic than to see someone in a state of tranquility from simply taking the action of meditation. The longer you go without taking time to unwind naturally, the more wound up you will become and will need something else to give the serenity you are looking for. Video games, food, drugs, and alcohol are the usual suspects for fake serenity which you may find yourself turning to if you cannot find a way to calm your innermost self. For you as a teenager, you can really chill out by learning how to meditate for yourself. The point is taking negitivity out of your life and begin to implement a healthy practice of finding something to soothe your soul. This may sound hokey, but you should try it and see how you feel first. Set a timer for 1 minute to take time to breathe and clear your mind for that 60 seconds. You can also find a library of guided meditation videos on YouTube that can help you to figure out the style that most appeals to you. Meditation is a practice that has been around for generations and should be a great encouragement for you to try something that has worked for people for decades. Find yourself in meditation and you will make your own way to some much-needed serenity.    

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