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What Teenagers Need for Inspiration to Get More Active

Teenagers need much more physical exercise than adults do. Adults can get away with anywhere between twenty to thirty minutes of exercise a day. With their high energy, raging hormones, and need for mental stimulation, teenagers need at least sixty minutes of exercise every day, preferably outdoors. Getting a teen off of their technological devices and into some heart pumping movement can be a challenge. Though many teens have physical hobbies or play sports, getting them to move around for fun can be an obstacle.  


Teens don't want to spend the little money they have on physical activities. Costs of getting active can include getting to an activity, doing an activity, eating at the activity or after, and getting home. Though teens want variety in their physical activity, they don't want to spend money.   Help teens find free and fun ways to get active with their friends. Thankfully, there is still room for teens to go outside and just play . Teens can also access tons of exercise classes, like yoga classes, online through YouTube. Encourage your teens to come up with free ideas with their friends and make plans to get outside, get active, and have some fun.  

Fun at home

Teens are either looking for ways to get out of the house or never want to leave the house. Having friends over and playing in the neighborhood, a local park, the backyard, or even the living room, is a way to inspire kids to get physically active without leaving the neighborhood. Online exercise classes can be done anywhere. Have kids throw a dance party or play tag outside. Kids don't remember what it's like to ride their bikes around, go on a local hike, or play neighborhood wide games of man hunt. Remind your kids that getting physically active every day doesn't have to be a huge ordeal of exercising but can just be about having fun.  

Do more together

Though adults only need half the time exercising teens need, adults can certainly benefit from exercising for an hour. If it is within your family budget, sign your teen up for a gym membership and offer to take them to the gym for family workouts. Give teens free reign at the gym to do their own thing and work their own program. Encourage them not to stand around on their phones, but to get into working out. Try new exercises together, like a spin class, kickboxing, or yoga. Set fitness and activity goals like a certain number of pushups, running a mile, or more. Together, you can be inspired to get moving every day, meanwhile improving your health inside and out.  

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