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What You Don't Expect About Parenting a Teenage Boy in Recovery

Parenting a teenage boy in the height of an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol can be a nightmare. When your teenager enters recovery, everything changes, for the better.

You will have more meaningful conversations than you ever have

Adolescent and teenage boys who go through treatment experience for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction develop an emotional vocabulary. Working through therapy with a personal therapist and in conjunction with the family, teenage boys learn how to identify, articulate and communicate their feelings. Conversations are more emotionally robust and invested than they would be with a teenage boy who is completely detached from their emotional selves. Boys who go through the process of addiction, treatment, and recovery have a unique sense of purpose in life. Their immense experience at such a young age deepens their connection to life and living. Going through a long-term residential program like the one offered at Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center will also connect them to a new sense of faith and spirituality, creating meaning, purpose, and direction in their lives.

You will have more pride than you thought possible in a boy his age

Parents are always proud of their teenagers, for every little thing they do. A teenage boy who is in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction warrants a particular kind of pride. Admitting to a problem and surrendering to the fact of needing help to solve that problem is enigmatic to many adults. Rather than spend decades struggling with substance abuse, a teenage boy has taken the courageous leap to face it head on early in life. Going through withdrawals, completing a treatment program, and developing a new lifestyle of recovery is truly an accomplishment. You thought you would be proud of grades and extracurricular achievements, but nothing compares to the pride you experience in your sober teenager.

You will witness remarkable strength and resiliency

Through treatment and the experience of recovery, teenage boys are able to recognize their internal strength and the spiritual strength given to them by a higher power of their understanding. Along their journey, they discover and cultivate their ability to be resilient- maintaining their sobriety, regardless of what happens to them. Challenges and obstacles which used to completely knock your teenage boy down or throw them off course are no longer a struggle. With grace and dignity, your boy overcomes anything that comes his way, staying sober throughout.

You can see a brighter future than you once thought possible

Once upon a time, the future looked bleak for your teenage boy. With drug and alcohol addiction ravishing their life, the bright hopes for their future you once had seemed to fade away. You feared for their life, though you hoped for the best. Treatment has allowed you to witness total transformation of mind, body, and spirit. Your teenage boy has a future more bright than you ever could have imagined.

Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center is a private residential treatment program in Mississippi, serving adolescent and teenage boys with foundation building, life-cleansing programming for recovery. If addiction has found its way into the life your loved child, call us today for information on our clinical and academic support: 662-598-4214