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What You Should Know About Suicide Pacts

Understanding what suicide pacts are can be confusing for many adults when it comes to their kids. This unfortunate circumstance is really nothing new. From the suicide pact on the movie of Thelma and Louise to the real-life suicide pact with the Branch Davidians in Waco back in 1993, it is hard to think that this type of behavior could happen to an average teen. Realistically this could happen to any teenager that is having suicidal thoughts who is relates to another teenager who is also experiencing suicidal thoughts. A suicide pact is an agreement between two or more people to take their lives by the same lethal means at the exact same time. While suicide pacts are not quite as common, suicide is the second leading cause of death in teens which can be a cause of concern for parents to recognize the signs and characteristics. Suicide pacts have similar manifestations which often result from the separation of two people who have been restricted from seeing one another. This exclusive relationship is usually free from significant links to friends or family making a suicide pact harder to spot. Two teens who have been broken up by their parents or two friends who have been separated, for example, can be triggered to want to die together if they are not allowed to be around each other. The fear of losing the relationship is generally the main motivating factor that will provoke a suicide pact. With social media and the internet so accessible to teens, there have been more cybersucide pacts that have taken place in more recent years. Meeting people online and committing suicide has happened more over the last decade. While there is plenty of information online to deter teens from committing suicide, there are other websites that lure unsuspecting and vulnerable individuals, such as a teenager, to participate in self-harm, suicide ideation, and ultimately appeal to them to perform suicide with others. Be informed of depression treatment programs if you start to see the signs that your adolescent is displaying that could show you that they are thinking about taking their own life through a suicide pact. Most methods used to dye in a suicide pact are extremely lethal and the chances of survival tend to be low. You may not realize that another a teen could be involved, but you should look for crucial signs of suicide nonetheless because you may be able to save their lives before they can act on their suicide pact.

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