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What You Should Know About Teen Anxiety

Anxiety is a common reaction to the stressors of daily life. For many teens, things like public speaking, school exams, dating, and athletic competitions can stir feelings of anxiety. Teens may not have bills to pay, a taxing job, or other adult stressors that are usually linked to anxiety, but they still have their own issues stemming from stress. Adolescence is the time that massive body changes occur as well with continual mental, educational, and relationship adjustments. Understanding how anxiety works in teens is important to determine where the source of tension derives from. Not all anxiety has to do with the ever-changing teenager. Other factors such as genetics or social pressures have also been known to cause anxiety in teens. Anxiety is a complex condition that affects teens that may have endured rough circumstances, however, anxiety also turns up among those teens that have a stable family life, a solid support system, and the resources that need to be successful. Teens that are around even the most balanced situations can still produce an overwhelming worry and a feeling of impending doom from their ongoing anxiety. An anxiety disorder is classified as a condition that creates excessive feelings of dread, fear, panic, and nervousness which can make an adolescent become more distracted and more preoccupied. Teenagers may feel embarrassed about their anxiety which could make them isolate or feel like a failure because they are different from their peers instead of feeling like they fit in. Treatment is available for teens who need relief from their anxiety. One of the most common forms of treatment is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that can help teenagers identify their thoughts and feelings as anxiety creeps in. Stress management is also suggested with teens that experience an anxiety disorder. Yoga, art therapy, adventure and nature therapy, and meditation are all ways that teens can better regulate their anxiety organically without having to medicate. Adolescence is a time for self-discovery, striving for goals, and for fun. If your teen is plagued with anxiety you can make the biggest difference in their life by getting them help they need to become resilient.     

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