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When Addiction Happens To Your Son

Living with a child who is living with addiction can come to mean that every minute of every hour of every day is lived in a proactive fear. You fear that the worst is coming. You fear that the best will never come. You fear that as the parent to your child, you have failed them and unless you can find the right solution you may not be able to help them. Going to Al-Anon you learn the three golden statements when it comes to loving, supporting, and taking care of a child living with addiction:

I did not cause it.

I cannot control it.

I cannot cure it.

What you don't do is give up. Every option you can find, you try it. You'll do anything, Celine Kaplan writes for Refinery 29 in her emotionally raw essay You Never Think Your Child Will Be An Addict, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to understand, pray, hope, console, cry, scream. Tragically, Kaplan lost her son to overdose when he was just 17 years old. Her story is shared by millions of parents around the country and around the world who watch, in just a few short years, their son's life spiral out of control into addiction. Critically, Kaplan realized that what her son was dealing with was not a series of bad behavioral choices, though that played a part. What took me a while to fully grasp was this monster of a disease. I thought, Just say no…But he thought he was invincible. Yet the disease progressed, Kaplan writes, unstoppable, vicious; sometimes slowly, sometimes not. She explains the many routine activities that start to fill a parent's life when their son is addicted to drugs and alcohol Jail, the E.R., rehabs, judges, burglary, love, tears, hopelessness, laughter, hope, insanity… Millions of young boys are turning to drugs and/or alcohol for the first time every day. Parents cannot know when or how their son might become addicted. After discovering the chemical dependency their child has rapidly developed with drugs and alcohol, parents should take swift action to find long term residential treatment that will help their son build a foundation of recovery, progress in his academic, and heal with his family.  

Stonewater Adolescent Recovery offers a life-cleansing, foundation-building program to adolescent and teenage boys needing clinical care for addiction and/or alcoholism. Located in the remote Mississippi countryside, our beautiful home offers the perfect environment and privacy for total transformation in mind, body, and spirit.

Call us today for information on our programs for treatment and academic support: 662-598-4214