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Why are Teens More Depressed Now Than Ever?

Depression and suicidal thoughts are the most prevalent mental issues that affect adolescents today. The increase of depression in teens is growing at an alarming rate with as many as 1 in 5 teens being diagnosed with clinical depression. The question we all want to know is how could this be happening to our youth? One of the conclusions that Mental Health America (MHA) has regarded as the cause is that our teens have the weight of the world on their shoulders. With instant access to news stories, being exposed to adult issues at an earlier age through social media and seeing certain things that on the internet that we were not privy to back in the day, teens see a whole lot more than they probably should. Instead of just being a normal teenager with hormones, having the stressors that come with school, and dealing with mundane family problems, our teens today can see everything including some things that they are probably not equipped to deal with emotionally. Teens already go through so much change physically and emotionally, that is no wonder that the problems that are in the world would weigh heavily on them causing more cases of depression than ever. Depending on the severity of the depression and what each individual's diagnosis consists of, there are ways to cope with depression before having to put a teen straight on medication. By trying a few different suggestions, parents can help their teens confront mental health issues at hand.

Find a hobby.

Sports, crafting, or playing music are ways a teenager can get their creative juices flowing or find some physical activity. These types of interests are a good distraction to having to deal with the constant struggle of depression. Just getting them out to do something to better their life will create neurotransmitters in the brain's reward system that can be instrumental in feeling better.

Attend group therapy.

A teen should be around peers that they relate to and sometimes the most beneficial friends are the ones that they meet in therapy. In the real world, they may be resentful at why others are so happy, and they are not able to be. With other friends who suffer from depression, they can talk openly to them about what they are going through instead of keeping in all bottled in. A teen's self-esteem can be dependent on the friendships that they have, so they should find the friends that make they feel wanted and needed and therapy may be the place to find them. Depression in teens in nothing to write off. This condition is a real issue and they could use our help to point them in the right direction for a more productive life.

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