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Why Do I Need Treatment When I Am Not Really That Bad?

When someone goes to jail, you will often hear them state they are not guilty for the crime because they do not want to admit what they have done. The same goes for someone who suffers from an addiction. They will demonstrate a denial that they just are not as bad as everyone else seems to think when in reality they are dying from substance abuse.   Addiction takes a person in its grips and it will not let go until some sort of legal, medical, or fatal intervention takes place. An individual who cannot stop drinking or using on their own may need to get help from a rehabilitation center that specializes in alcohol and drug treatment before their condition gets to the point of jails, institutions, or death. Rehab will give the person with substance abuse the ability to learn recovery tools, coping skills, and relapse prevention that will assist them in their sobriety. To know if you need treatment in the first place, you will need to consider what happens to you when you drink and use. There are 11 points that recovery people use to dictate whether the cessation of alcohol and drugs need to take place.  
  • A desire to stop but cannot.
  • Loss of interest in everyday activities.
  • Relational problems.
  • Risky behaviors due to excessive use.
  • High tolerance.
  • Withdrawal from use.
  • Lack of control in use.
  • Obsessive thoughts about use.
  • Wasted time getting substances for use.
  • Unending cravings.
  • Circumstances continue to worsen.
  Considering the role of what these 11 points entail, they cover just about every aspect of recovery. They can give you an indication of how badly you need treatment and what you should be doing next. By understanding the severity of your condition, you can get the help that you need to get sober and stay sober. You may not think you have a problem, but if you are questioning what happens to you when you are drinking and using, there is definitely something there worth investigating. You do not need to wait until you hit rock bottom necessarily to get the treatment that you need. If you have symptoms of addiction, have others tell you that you need to get help, or are starting to see the ramifications of your drinking and using, you can use today to help you be successful for any sober tomorrows.

Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center provides a clinically structured protocol with withdrawal management that is designed to specifically accommodate the needs of teenagers. We first help to remove the toxic chemicals out of the body and then move onto the treatment of the whole person.

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