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Why Do Teens Have So Much Anxiety?

Adolescents seem to grow up with more anxiety than previous generations. Anxiety may be perceived to be more rampant in today's teens because society is more open to about talking about it. As a result, parents are more apt to get their teenager in a better position to deal with the stress they are experiencing instead of sweeping a kid's bad behavior under the rug. Research measures have become more prevalent with the causes of anxiety and can give better explanations as to why teens become susceptible to an anxiety disorder.


Parents want better outcomes for their kids and in the process will attempt to protect them from failure, or try to shield them from enduring any criticism or hurt feelings. While this is meant as a positive sentiment of love, the parent is not allowing the proper emotional development of the teen by giving them a chance to fend for themselves. When it comes time to face a fear, a teen may not know how to handle the stress of many situations due to overparenting.

Acting as if

Expressing sadness, anger, or discontentment is typically frowned upon because the parent may feel helpless and uncomfortable in the moment by not knowing how to fix whatever is going on. Teens are often brought up to believe if they are not happy then something must be really wrong with them turning turmoil into anxiety.


Teens are able to escape from having to feel their feelings when using social media, streaming music, or playing a video game as a distraction. Avoiding discomfort causes anxiety by not having to develop their mental strength and give them the coping skills they need.


Being in a household that is dysfunctional and is run on fear can instill constant panic and anxiety. Whether a teen continues to wait for the other shoe to drop or being unable to meet their parent's expectations, feeling uncomfortable in their own skin becomes an everyday occurrence.

Teen Drama

With the break ups, teasing, or not fitting in with the in crowd, a teen can manifest feelings of resentment and shame that leads them into anxiousness. These are the situations that can either strengthen a teen's coping mechanism or cause them to isolate making anxiety much greater. Anxiety is real condition for many people including teens. By getting your teen the necessary guidance with their anxiety disorder, they can get their life in better order with less stress.

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