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Why Early Intervention for your Teenager is so Important

If you suspect your teen is using drugs and alcohol, you should stage an intervention immediately and do what you can to help them. The longer and heavier your teenager abuses drugs and alcohol, the harder it could be to get them to stop in the future. One of the things to remember with an intervention is that you do not have an invisible cape that will save them and get them to stop with merely your determination. Your teen will have to take the initiative to change their behaviors because you cannot want their sobriety more than they want it for themselves. Enabling and exhibiting codependency with their substance abuse will only harm them as well as yourself the longer that the substance abuse continues. Drugs and alcohol can stunt the growth of a developing brain which could affect them with their future ventures. Not only does abusing substances take a toll physically with the brain and the body overall, but your teen could have problems mentally which could also take away their desire to accomplish anything worthwhile. Substance abuse usually takes full effect from recreational use in approximately three years which could be detrimental to their education and other meaningful endeavors the younger they start. Since addiction continues to progress with each day of drinking or using, waiting too long to intervene with your son or daughter could put them in danger of being institutionalized or thrown in jail for possession, theft, or DUI. Even worse, you may have to bury them six feet under from an overdose before they ever have a chance to reach any potential as an adult. To hold an intervention for your son or daughter, you should elicit the help of a professional. Contact a therapist, a counselor, or a pastor who can direct you in the right direction. There is a certain process that an intervention needs to uphold to be successful which includes maintaining your bottom line with your adolescent. Learning how to support them in their recovery and no longer in their addiction is crucial. The intervention should be as positive of an experience as it can be under these dire circumstances to yield the best results. You will also need an impartial party to keep everyone doing their part or you may not be able to help your teen at all. Instead of being afraid of confronting your teenager or having denial over the situation, do your part to save your child's life. Act as soon as you can to get your teen the help they deserve.

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